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Zeebopbythesea is famous for its seafood, the 'classic' dish being Goa style fish or prawn curry with rice combined with the skills of the Master Chefs, they also blend typical organic spices which are hand picked from the goan villages. Popular Seafood on the menu is Kingfish, Pomfret, Squid, Snapper, Shark, Tuna and Mackerel. Among the excellent shellfish available are Crabs, Prawns, Tiger Prawns, Mussels and Lobster.
Zeebopbythesea restaurants cooks food to suit your taste buds and ranges from hot, medium or lightly spiced to without spices at all. Seafood is generally fried, grilled or cooked in garlic butter sauce or traditional goan red spicy masala called Reichado.

Menu inclusions
Zeebopbythesea has famous Goan dishes like
Ambot tik, a slightly sour curry dish which can be prepared with either fish or meat, but more usually fish.
Caldeirada is a mildly flavored offering in which fish or prawns are cooked into a kind of stew with vegetables, and often flavored with wine.
Reichardo is a delicious preparation in which a whole fish, usually a mackerel or pomfret, is slit down the center and stuffed with a spicy red sauce, after which it is cooked normally.
Balchao is a method of cooking either fish or prawns in a dark red and tangy sauce. Because of the preservative qualities of the sauce, balchao can be cooked in advance and reheated upto four days after preparation.
Stuffed Pappads are snacks or starters, which are usually stuffed in prawns, onions, chillies or pepper, garlic & fried. And varieties of stuffed Papads are served here which is also vegetarian stuffed masala etc.
Xacuti is a traditional way of preparing meat, usually chicken, by cooking it in coconut milk, and adding grated coconut and a variety of spices. The result is mild curry, but with a distinctive and delicious flavour.
Cafreal is a method of preparation, usually used with chicken, in which the meat is marinated in a sauce of chilies, garlic and ginger and then dry-fried. The result is rather dry, but spicy dish.

The most famous Goa's sweetmeats is bebinca, a wonderful concoction made from layer upon layer of coconut pancakes. Cooking the perfect bebinca is an art form, for not only does the cook have to be timed just right to ensure that all layers are cooked equally, it'll put inches on you waistline if you develop a taste for it, but it's not to be missed.
Dodol is another famous Goan sweet, traditionally eaten at Christmas time, and made with rice flour, coconut milk, jaggery and cashew nuts. It is usually cooled in a flat pan and served in slices, and is very sweet.
Doce, made with chickpeas and coconut is another favourite.